UCI Counts

What is the Census?

The U.S. Census Bureau is the leading source of information on the nation’s people, places, and economy, providing data about our country’s population size and growth as well as detailed portraits of the changing characteristics of our communities. The Census Bureau, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, was created to address America’s need to count its population.

Every 10 years, the U.S. Census Bureau counts everyone living in the country, including college students like you. Your response to the 2020 Census will help make sure communities across the nation are accurately funded and represented for the next decade.

The next Census is in Spring 2020. Let’s ensure all UCI students, staff and faculty are counted so we can put those resources to good use here at home!

Why the Census Matters

The 2020 Census will determine congressional representation, inform hundreds of billions in federal funding every year, and provide data that will impact communities for the next decade.

The Importance of the Census 2020 | How information is protected | Census Data

Uplifting our Neighborhoods

The 2020 Census will help decide how billions of dollars will reach our families. Your answers will help determine funding for dozens of programs that provide essential resources to Californians. Census data determines funding allocations for schools, child care programs, road maintenance projects and social assistance programs.

Promote Community Wellness

The 2020 Census will ensure the health and wellness of our families and neighborhoods. By filling out the form, your data informs where new hospitals are built, improve our health programs, and increase jobs and business opportunities.

Safe & Confidential Census

Information collected during the 2020 Census can’t be shared or used against you in any way. Your information is only used to generate statistics, it can’t be shared with immigration or law enforcement agencies, and it can’t be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits. Your privacy and security are taken seriously.

A Voice for UCI

The 2020 Census will determine the number of representatives California has in the U.S. House of Representatives and the number of votes we have in the Electoral College. Your information will also be used to redraw State Assembly and Senate boundaries. Participating in the 2020 Census ensures that you and your communities have fair representation.

How to Complete the Census

Every person in the country is required to fill out the 2020 Census form. Luckily, you have many ways to respond. Whichever you choose, just make sure you fill out the form.

  • By Mail
    The paper Census form will be available in English and Spanish languages and can be mailed back to the U.S. Census Bureau.

  • By Phone
    The Census can be completed by phone in 13 languages including Telecommunication Device for the Deaf.

  • Online
    For the first time, the Census form will be available to complete online in 13 languages. On the postcard you receive to your mailing address, there will be a user-unique code that is needed to complete the form online.

  • Living off Campus vs Living on Campus
    If you live in off-campus housing that is not owned, leased, or managed by your college or university, such as a private house that you share with other students or a privately owned apartment, you can respond online, by phone, or by mail beginning in midMarch 2020. You should count yourself at your off-campus address, even if you spend time somewhere else during school breaks.

  • Students Displaced by Covid-19
    College students who live off-campus but have left their college/university because of COVID-19 should respond online/by phone using the address in their college/university community (not their parent's address.

Hard to Count

Interactive Census Map

The interactive map shows California census tracts and block groups shaded by the California Hard-to-Count Index.

Many California residents live in areas that, based on demographic, socioeconomic and housing characteristics, may be hard to count in 2020. Tools such as this Hard-to-Count (HTC) interactive map will help focus outreach efforts to get more people to participate and BE COUNTED!

Using the map

  • Pan the map to examine the community
  • Click on a tract to learn about an area
  • Zoom in to see census block group-level census data